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Bengaluru: Film ‘Act 1978′ director Mansore and producer Devaraj R of D’ Creations have teamed up once again for their upcoming Kannada feature film ‘19.20.21’ set to release on March 3.

It is believed to be based on real events depicting violations of human rights. The movie stars Shrunga B.V., Balaji Manohar, M.D. Pallavi, Rajesh Nataranga, Avinash, Mahadev Hadapad and Venkatesh Prasad in key roles. It is presented by Aagaaz Entertainment.

Having directed National award winning Kannada films such as Harivu and Nathicharami, filmmaker Mansore opens up about his upcoming film ‘19.20.21’.

He said: “This film is based on true incidents that happened in the Western Ghats near coastal Karnataka. This is story of a young tribal boy, a journalism student who fought against system for his community and their rights. He is the first person from the whole tribal community to entered higher studies. It’s a story of a community too that suffered for decades due to bureaucracy.”

Talking about the core message of the film, he said: “This movie emphasises that no matter who you are, if you are an inhabitant of India, you are entitled to live anywhere in this nation and avail of your constitutional rights.”

“You can demand your fundamental requirements from the government. If bureaucracy attempts to stifle your voice or deny you of your rights, you don’t have to pick physical force. You have the mightier option of the Indian Constitution with its Articles 19, 20 and 21 to back you up.”

Producer Devaraj R. of D’ Creations shares what prompted him to back this project.

He added: “This is my second collaboration with Mansore as a director. I was truly astounded by his technique in making the plans, scheduling, and controlling the crew. He is talented in translating scripts into stunning visuals that I find fascinating. I am always in search of stories that will make people ponder.”

“This one is certainly one of those kinds. When I produced Act 1978, I was certain that it would raise awareness about the issues of corruption and how systems work. When I heard the story for 19.20.21, I had the same confidence about the results of the movie.”

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