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South films are the four biggest film industries belonging to five different states of South India. Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam are the major languages of the region. South has produced a great pool of artists, musicians, directors and other technicians to World Cinema and the cinema here has more influence on the audience than any other region.

Over the several decades, we have seen when Indian Cinema is spoken on the world stage it refers to Bollywood exclusively. India is the biggest film-producing country in the world, yet Bollywood gets most of the credit.

India has a diverse population, therefore there are people speaking different languages in various regions, and no particular language is understood by all. That is where Hindi cinema comes in. In most parts of Northern India, Hindi is spoken extensively and thus the audience of Hindi films is comparatively high.

South Indian actors have a strong fan base, films are celebrated in the south, and people are proud of their languages and culture and hence the movies made in the south had no reason to make a movie in Hindi and even people were against the dub in the earlier days.

Bollywood on the other hand was very good with marketing and other promotional activities. South films suffered in promotional activities, investments were not made in marketing like Bollywood, the quality of dubbing was poor and many other issues related to film title change when dubbed made the south films look very naive.

But now the tables have turned, South has finally hacked the promotional strategies and is doing very well even in the region of Hindi-spoken areas. Bahubali is the first movie that made all the audiences look south. Since then movies in the Dravidian languages have been making noise at the box office.

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