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Bengaluru: Social media influencer ‘Aiyyo’ Shraddha, whose video on mass layoffs recently went viral, said on Monday February 13 that she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose first word to her was ‘Aiyyo!’

Shraddha, who has over 6.87 lakh followers on Instagram and makes videos on relevant topics, said in a tweet that it was like a dream come true when she met the Prime Minister.

“Namashkar, yes, I met the Honorable Prime Minister of our Country. His first word to me was ‘Aiyyo!'” she said, along with posting her photos with PM Modi.

“I am not blinking, that’s my ‘O My Jod’, he really said that, this is really happening!!!!’ look. Thank you @PMOIndia,” she posted.

Shraddha Jain, better known as ‘Aiyyo Shraddha’, played the role of a techie fired from the job in a viral Instagram reel which has been seen by more than two million users.

Shraddha’s video on global layoffs, which has seen more than 1 lakh tech employees losing their jobs in January alone (and more than 17,000 in February to date), took the world by storm.

In the video, she criticises companies that are sacking employees despite raking in millions in profits, all in a sarcastic tone.

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