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Bengaluru Traffic Commissioner MA Saleem said that almost 42 lakh cases were disposed of after the scheme was introduced.

The Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) has collected a whopping Rs 120 crore as of 6 pm on February 11, which was the last day of the 50% discount on the pending fees imposed for traffic violations. More than 41 lakh cases have been closed in Bengaluru since the scheme began on February 3.

After receiving a massive response from the public, BTP has reached out to the Karnataka Transport Department requesting the extension of the scheme. “Due to the scheme, almost 42 lakh cases have been disposed of. Therefore, we have written to the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority (KSLSA) to consider an extension for a period they deem appropriate,” said the Bengaluru Traffic Commissioner, MA Saleem.

On February 2, the Karnataka Transport Department issued an order saying that traffic fines would be slashed by 50% till February 11. The decision was taken after KSLSA issued orders to the Transport Department to take appropriate action to clear the backlog of roughly 1.13 crore unpaid e-challans. The police have so far managed to clear nearly 42 lakh cases, which is less than half the violations.

According to The Hindu, the Transport Department stated that 80% of the state’s pending traffic cases are with the Bengaluru traffic police. Several police stations and the Traffic Management Centre on Infantry Road, saw massive crowds as people rushed to pay the discounted fines. The police also enabled online payment for paying fines.

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