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Bengaluru: K. G. F. Babu (Gujari Babu), who is wearing the mask of a social worker, says that he will help the common man, stated Alam Pasha, a social activist and President of The Helping Citizen and People’s Court Organisation. He has filed a criminal complaint against the accused for allegedly acquiring 33,000 square feet of land belonging to Bada Makan Dargah belonging to the Waqf Board in front of MTR Hotel on the Road through intimidation, use of lethal weapons and illegal actions.

An FIR has been lodged at the Wilson Garden Police Station against Wakf Board Chairman Maulana Shafi Saadi allegedly aiding and abetting the illegal act of Babu. Alam Pasha demanded the immediate arrest of Babu and Maulana Shafi Sadi and take appropriate legal action.

Addressing a press conference here, Alam Pasha said, “Maulana Shafi Saadi, who was supposed to protect Waqf properties, has come out in direct support of Gujari Babu’s misdeeds. He alleged that the Chairman of the Waqf Board has stood in support of the encroachment of Allah’s Property (Waqt Property).

The disruptive forces of the society led by Gujari Babu have demolished the buildings belonging to Bada Makan Dargah, he alleged.

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