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Bengaluru: State Government keen to provide more eggs to school children as part of the midday meals scheme, said Primary and Secondary Education Minister B. C. Nagesh.

Minister Nagesh was responding to JD (S) Legislator K. A. Thippeswamy at Legislative Council on Monday February 13. Informing that currently eggs are provided for 46 days in a year, Minister said that State is mulling to give eggs for more days to children until Class VIII.

Also, Congress Leader and Council Opposition Leader B. K. Hariprasad claimed the students were not getting eggs in several schools as religious restrictions over consuming non-vegetarian foods including eggs were affecting nutrition levels of students.

In response, Minister Nagesh dismissed such claims and added that in fact after initially providing eggs in schools in regions where the number of malnourished children is high, the Government found out that nutrition levels have increased and hence despite opposition we wi provide eggs, he reiterated.

Thippeswamy also urged the Government to provide eggs to students studying in classes IX and X as well.

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