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Bengaluru: Congress MLA from Shanthinagar constituency, Nalapad Ahmed Haris on Friday March 17 sought apologies after visiting Shri Dharmarayaswamy temple in Tigalarapet following the backlash from Hindu devotees.

Haris during a speech had dubbed the historical ‘Karaga’ festival of Bengaluru as a “drama”, while criticizing the BJP.

Karaga festival is known as the festival of the land and is celebrated with much fanfare and reverence by Hindus in Bengaluru. The festival is also known as a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity as the Karaga procession stops near the mosque and offers worship.

Haris’ speech went viral and was slammed by the Hindu devotees. Following the backlash, the MLA apologized on his social media. But, as brutal trolling and criticism continued on social media, MLA Haris put an end to all this. Taking no chances during the election time he went to the temple and apologized for his comments.

“I have great respect for God. I have apologized at the Dharmarayaswamy temple. I also participate in the Karaga festival celebrated every year in Bengaluru,” Haris said.

Karaga Committee President Satish stated that MLA Haris had already sought apologies. Since, social media trolls continued he came to the temple and tendered an apology. “I request all community members and devotees to end the protest at this point. I request everyone not to talk demeaningly about the Karaga festival. I will oppose it strongly, it happens,” he stated.

Harris had equated the BJP leaders and its workers to the Karaga devotees. He had stated “they are going to the masses in this election time much like those who attend the Karaga festivities for two-three days”.

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