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Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday said that ‘no one in BJP has lost their life due to terrorism, but Late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi died in terror attacks.

He was speaking to reporters on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi Punya Smarane (death anniversary) programme organised at the Congress office in Bengaluru. Siddaramaiah stated that the objective of Congress is to eradicate terrorism. From the beginning Congress is waging a war against terrorism, he said.

“Late PM Jawahar Lal Nehru laid the strong foundation of democracy. It is because of Nehru, that democracy is successful in India. The Congress party has strengthened the foundations of democracy,” he said.

“Nehru always maintained that the opposition should work honestly. There is no comparison of Nehru with the present PM,” Siddaramaiah said.

“Congress is in forefront with regards to upholding the integrity of the country. Rajiv Gandhi decentralised power,” the Chief Minister said.

Speaking about former CM Bommai’s statement that Congress has failed to fulfil guarantees, Siddaramaiah stated that by next cabinet meeting all guarantees will be fulfilled.

“Mr. Bommai, all guarantees will reach the people. We have kept our words before. In the future also we will continue to do so. This is the difference between Congress and BJP. The BJP governments at the Centre and state level have not achieved any development,” he charged.

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