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The accused told the police that she had been harassed and blackmailed by a man she had met at work.

A staff nurse at a private hospital in Bengaluru’s Ashoknagar was arrested on January 18 for posing as a doctor and stealing gold valuables from patients. The police have identified the accused as Lakshmi.

According to The Hindu, CCTV footage was analysed and the accused was tracked down by the Ashoknagar police. Upon questioning, Lakshmi told the police that she had met a man at the workplace and became close to him. Using the opportunity, the man had recorded private videos of her and started blackmailing her, demanding money. Unable to bear the harassment, she started stealing valuables from patients to pay the ransom, said the police. The police are now on the lookout for her male friend to check the veracity of her statement.

The incident occurred on Saturday, January 14, when Lakshmi posing as a doctor, entered the room of 72-year-old G Sarasa and convinced her son to leave the room, claiming she needed to conduct an examination. While the son was out of the room, Lakshmi removed Sarasa's gold ring and chain, weighing 46 grams.

A similar incident occurred on the same day with another patient, Komal N, 58, and she used the same method to steal valuables from her as well. The deception was uncovered when a staff nurse came to take a blood sample for tests and informed Sarasa's son that the woman was not a doctor at the hospital. The patient's son, Ramesh Kumar J, filed a complaint with the Ashoknagar police, alleging negligence and security lapse on the part of the hospital administration.

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