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Bengaluru: Indian Youth Congress (IYC) president Srinivas B.V. on Monday May 22 appeared before the Assam Police here in connection with the harassment complaint lodged by the former Youth Congress leader Angkita Dutta.

Upon his arrival in Guwahati earlier in the day, Srinivas first went to the Dispur police station where Dutta had lodged a complaint against him on April 19.

From there, he went to the CID branch office in Ulubari where his interrogation is underway.

Last week, the Supreme Court granted interim anticipatory bail to Srinivas.

Ahead of the Youth Congress president’s visit, section 144 was imposed in Guwahati, forbidding the gatherings of more than five people within the municipal limits.

The Guwahati Police Commissioner’s office issued the directive in an effort to handle the chaos caused by crowding and probable unrest by the Congress workers.

Any sit-in protests or rally gatherings are now against the law, and the police are taking action to prevent them. The instruction, which is applicable to the city’s three police districts, denotes a complete strategy for preserving peace and safety in the public.

In her complaint, Dutta claimed that Srinivas had been persistently harassing and torturing her for the last six months by making sexist comments, using slang words, and also threatening her of dire consequences if she keeps complaining against him to the senior party office bearers.

She further stated that the accused harassed her, grabbed her arm, shoved her, used vulgar terms, and threatened to damage her career if she reported about him during the most recent party plenary meeting in Raipur.

In accordance with the IT Act and various IPC sections pertaining to harassment of women, the police had filed an FIR.

The Criminal Investigation Department of Assam Police went to Srinivas’ residence in Bengaluru and served a notice to appear in person in Guwahati.

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