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Bengaluru: Power Minister V. Sunil Kumar said that the Government is ready to deal with the power situation in the State and this time the power will be supplied to the farmers in the summer and the children can study during the examinations without any problem.

He also said that there is no proposal before the Government for a hike in power tariff.

C. N. Manjegowda of the JD (S) and D. S. Manjunath of the BJP participated in the Question Hour. The Minister was replying to questions raised by Arun, S. Rudregowda, Lakshman Savadi and Congress Member Nagaraj Yadav during zero hour.

The demand for power in the State stood at 14,818 Mega Watt in March last year. In February this year, it was 15,016 MW. The demand is estimated to be around 15,500 Mega Watt in March and April. The Government plans to tackle the power situation. The Government’s priority is to provide uninterrupted quality power supply to farmers for seven hours. Similarly, electricity will be supplied so that children are not disturbed during examinations. Green power is being given top priority. We are moving ahead with an idea of how much electricity we will need by 2030, he said.

“More emphasis is being laid on solar power and wind power. Installation of solar rooftops is also being encouraged, the Minister explained.

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