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Bengaluru: Two police complaints have been lodged against Karnataka Minister for Higher Education, IT, BT, Science and Technology Dr C.N. Ashwath Narayan on Thursday over his controversial statement to “finish off” Opposition leader Siddaramaiah.

Minister Narayan had issued the controversial statement during a public programme in Satanur of Mandya district. “Siddaramaiah will come to the place of Tipu Sultan (erstwhile ruler of Mysuru). Do you want Veer Savarkar or Tipu Sultan? You have to decide. You know what Uri Gowda and Nanje Gowda (soldiers who fought Tipu Sultan) did to Tipu Sultan. Likewise, he (Siddaramaiah) should be finished off.” The statement had stirred a controversy in the state.

Congress leader Manohar and others have lodged a complaint with Malleshwaram police station in Bengaluru and demanded that an attempt to murder case should be registered against him.

Siddaramaiah Fan’s Association has lodged a complaint with Gokul Road Police Station in Hubballi city against him and urged the police to take immediate action. The police have accepted the complaints and taken up the investigation.

Congress Unit in Mysuru had staged a protest against Ashwath Narayan and burnt his effigy condemning his statement.

Meanwhile, the controversy rocked the ongoing Assembly session as Congress MLAs protested the clarification given by Minister Ashwath Narayan in this regard. Though Ashwath Narayan regretted his statements in the Assembly, his attempt to defend his statement enraged Congress MLAs.

The Congress MLA’s trooped into the well of the House and started protesting. Following the chaotic atmosphere, the House was adjourned by the speaker.

Congress MLA U.T. Khader raised the issue in zero hour which was objected by the Speaker Vishveshwara Hegde Kageri. But, Khader demanded that the police should register suo moto cases and initiate action to give a message to society.

From the last one month, hate speeches are being delivered. The provoking statements are issued in Ullal and Tumakuru. There should be an end to it. Minister Ashwath Narayan is a doctor. All problems are from the learned, he charged.

Minister Ashwath Narayan who stood up to answer, stated, “He had compared Siddaramaiah to Tipu Sultan. I have spoken about the love of Siddaramaiah towards Tipu Sultan. I have not spoken disrespectfully about him. I have given a call to defeat the Congress party which glorified a killer (Tipu Sultan). There is no personal enmity. This is an ideological difference. If he is hurt, I apologize to him,” he said.

Congress MLAs insisted that FIR should be registered against him and protested. The Speaker Kageri intervened and warned Congress leaders that he would get them out of the assembly session. The Congress leaders enraged by this came to the well and staged a protest.

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