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Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s announcement to accept the socio-economic caste survey and to provide facilities to various communities based on the report has triggered a controversy.

BJP senior leader and former minister R. Ashoka on Thursday claimed that the Chief Minister is trying to sideline the Lingayat and Vokkaliga communities, and just please one community by releasing the caste data.

“Let them release the caste census, the people will teach them a lesson. We will not sit quiet if the reservation quota announced by the previous BJP government is changed. It is not the BJP party, the people of the state will protest against them,” he said.

Ashoka further said that there was confusion regarding guarantee schemes.

“Every minister is giving different statements. Siddaramaiah earlier claimed that it was free for him as well as the people. But, now it is maintained that for those who pay income tax, the guarantee schemes won’t apply.

“The Congress claimed that there are no conditions and a new set of rules is released for beneficiaries. It is like snatching the money from the people and giving it to them. The strategy of Congress must be appreciated.

“The BJP will take up the protest against them. The Congress leaders’ feet are not grounded. They are flying and proclaiming that they will get the people arrested,” the BJP leader added.

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