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Hubballi: Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Bellad on Wednesday said that no matter what the Ganesh statue will be installed in Idgah Maidan in Hubballi city.

MLA Bellad said that Congress government is denying permission to celebrate Ganesh festival at the Idgah Maidan without reason only out of its appeasement politics.

“Siddaramaiah has celebrated Tipu Jayanthi which was not required. He had done namaz with Muslims. But, when asking permission for the Ganesh festival, it is not permitted,” MLA Bellad said.

He said that a letter has also been written to the district commissioner a month ago but there is no response from the government.

“Idgah Maidan is a property of the city corporation. The government can’t interfere. Whether they will give permission or not we will install the Ganesh idol at the site,” he said.

“I am speaking for the devotees of god Ganesh. I am conveying the feelings of people to the government. Last year, the Supreme Court had given permission to install the idol at the Idgah Maidan. This time it has also been decided to install a Ganesh idol. The corporation general meeting had given permission for this,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dalit Mahamandal leader Gurunatha Ullikashi has demanded that the Ganesh festival celebration should not be allowed at the Idgah Maidan in Hubballi.

He said that the government should not create situations of confrontation and tension.

“Let the Ganesh idol be installed in other places. The politics should not be carried on Idgah Maidan. If permission is given, we will stage a protest,” he said.

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