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 'BJP wasted time only lying'

Dharawad: Former Water Resources Minister H. K. Patil said that while the Congress has been consistently fighting and issuing warnings over the Mahadayi pyroject issue, the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders did not do what they should have done in a politically democratic set-up. He has made serious allegations that they wasted their time only in lying.

Addressing a press conference in the City, he said, “We fought as a people’s movement on the implementation of Mahadayi Project and raised many questions. But no reply came from them at all. In this regard, he tried to justify the implementation of a Mahadayi Project by issuing a copy of a false order stating that the DPR had been sanctioned in the implementation of the Mahadayi Project. This was strongly opposed by the Congress and even went ahead with the fight, he said.

“Even though the Forest Department claimed that Mahadayi and Bandur were yet to get permission, the BJP Leaders and Ministers did not respond to it, but only showed a false DPR permission letter in the open and celebrated the victory on a large scale,” he said.

“But BJP doesn’t have any kind of seriousness about it. The BJP did not insist on clearing all the plans on the Forest Department’s land. He said that they are behaving rudely and are behaving according to their wish.

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