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Chennai: In a tragic incident, three students of a Veda Padashalai were washed away when they went to take a bath in the Kollidam river at Srirangam in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchi district on Sunday morning, police said.

The deceased were identified as S. Vishnu Prasath, 14, and S. Hari Prasath, 15, both from Mannargudi in Tiruvarur district, S. Abhiram, 15, of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh. All were students of Acharayan Sriman Bhattar Gurukulam Veda Padasalai at Melavasal in Srirangam.

Fellow student A. Gopalakrishnan, 16, of Villarasampatii in Erode district, was also in the group that went to take a bath.

However, the students lost control due to the high flow of water and slipped into the deep side of the river. Local people saved Gopalakrishnan but the other three were swept away.

Local people, and Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services Department personnel recovered the body of Vishnu Prasath, and a search operation is on to find Abiram and Hari Prasath.

Tiruvarur District Collector Pradeep Kumar told IANS that the 1,900 cubic feet of water flowing into the Kollidam River was diverted to the Cauvery to facilitate the search operations for the missing boys.

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