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Chikkamagaluru: The election campaign is getting more and more intense by the day. With a 120-plus dream, the BJP is desperate for power. However, in Mudigere Taluk of Chikkamagaluru District, thousands of BJP workers and leaders held a separate rebel meeting against the sitting MLA Kumaraswamy.

Leaders and Activists who are holding a meeting at Preetham Kalyana Mantap in Mudigere Town are holding a public meeting this time demanding that Kumaraswamy should not get a ticket. They shouted slogans saying that ‘Kumaraswamy hatao, BJP bachao’. They complained that Kumaraswamy is not treating the workers properly.

There is a cloud of rebellion over the Vijay Sankalpa Yatra being undertaken at Mudigere. A large number of Office-bearers and Activists of the Constituency have raised the banner of revolt that Kumaraswamy should not be given a ticket in the next Assembly elections.

In the last election, he won by saying that he would not do so anymore and is doing the same thing again. So, this time, more than 1,000 leaders and workers are holding a meeting to demand a ticket for him.

Former Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa arrived at Mudigere on Friday March 17 for Vijaya Sankalp Yatra. Thousands of workers in front of Yediyurappa said, “The sitting MLA Kumaraswamy should not get a ticket. If you give it to him, we will look at our own path,” they said. However, the BJP’s internal turmoil has exploded in the middle of the road and it remains to be seen how the High Command will curb all this.

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