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Bengaluru: Amidst a concerning rise in cybercrime cases in Bengaluru, the city’s police force has introduced a novel strategy to combat the issue. They are now permanently deactivating SIM cards and mobile phones associated with cybercriminals who misuse these devices for illegal activities.
Bengaluru is grappling with a cybercrime crisis, as more than 20,000 cases have flooded the police control room since January of this year. Confronting this formidable challenge, law enforcement agencies have embarked on an innovative approach to disrupt criminals at the root of the problem. Collaborating with the Central Department of Telecommunication and prominent telecom companies, the Bengaluru police have initiated the deactivation of SIM cards linked to cybercrimes. This pioneering step represents a first for the state and has resulted in the suspension of roughly twelve thousand SIM cards within a mere two-week period.
The police’s enforcement efforts go beyond just targeting SIM cards; they also encompass the devices utilized by cybercriminals. Additional Commissioner of Police, Raman Gupta, disclosed that in specific cases, not only are SIM cards dealt with, but also information about the devices used in these crimes is accessible, leading to the blocking of these mobile handsets.
In a bid to enhance their fight against cybercrime, Bengaluru has inaugurated a dedicated Cybercrime Police Station. This addition strengthens their existing network of eight specialized police stations dedicated to handling cybercrime, financial fraud, and narcotics cases, streamlining their efforts.
The statistics depict a troubling image of the rising cybercrime scenario in the city. In the last seven years, an astonishing 50,027 cases have been filed, with a noticeable increase in recent times. More precisely, there have been 20,662 cases of debit or credit card fraud during this period. A significant portion of these cases involves criminals posing as bank personnel, pressuring victims into revealing sensitive information such as passwords and OTPs, resulting in swift withdrawals from their accounts.
The alarming pattern persists, with 4,252 cases documented in 2022 and a troubling 1,872 cases reported in the initial five months of 2023. Bengaluru’s police force remains resolute in reversing this trend and enhancing the city’s safety for its inhabitants. Their innovative strategy, which focuses on dismantling the infrastructure employed by criminals to combat cybercrime, represents a significant leap forward in this continuous struggle.

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