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New Delhi: A 31-year-old gangster and member of infamous Kala Jathedi gang, who was wanted in seven criminal cases, was arrested from village Mungeshpur in Delhi, an official said on Tuesday.

The accused identified as Ravinder alias Lappu, a resident of village Katewra, was earlier also associated with Neetu Daboda and Ashok Pradhan gang.

According to police, there was information that Ravinder has been visiting Mungeshpur quite frequently for the last few days.

“Hence, a team was deputed to gather more information about him and surveillance was mounted on his activities. On April 29, specific input was received that Ravinder would visit near the crematorium in Mungeshpur between 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. to meet one of his associates,” said Alok Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell).

A trap was laid by the police team. “At around 3.20 p.m, Ravinder was spotted coming towards the crematorium. However, when the police team surrounded him, he whipped out his pistol and threatened to open fire,” said the DCP.

But, he was overpowered by the police team. “One pistol of .32 bore with four bullets was recovered from his possession,” said the official.

Ravinder had been committing heinous crimes in Delhi-NCR for last eight years.

“The accused has also divulged that earlier he has worked with Neetu Daboda-Ashok Pradhan gang. The accused is a habitual offender and is involved in 10 criminal cases,” said the DCP.

Ravinder has a long history of criminal activities that landed him in jail multiple times.

According to official records, Ravinder was first arrested in 2009 in West Delhi on charges of attempted murder. In 2014, he and his associates abducted and robbed an occupant of a Swift car in Kanjhawala. The court has issued a non-bailable warrant against him in this case.

In 2017, Ravinder and his associate Shekhu fired upon Pradeep Kumar of Village Ladrawan in Delhi to settle personal scores.

“Shekhu is an active member of the Ashok Pradhan gang,” said the official. That same year, Ravinder and his associates severely beat up a person in Narela Industrial Area.

Ravinder was arrested again in 2019 for demanding protection money from a businessman in Kanjhawala. He had demanded Rs 15 lakh as protection money from a businessman in Narela the same year.

In 2021, Ravinder and his associates robbed Rs 18 lakh from an undisclosed location in Kanjhawala.

“Ravinder’s criminal activities put him on the radar of law enforcement agencies, and his continued involvement in unlawful activities resulted in repeated arrests and warrants against him,” the official added.

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