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New Delhi: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has constituted a Solid Waste Monitoring Committee, on the pattern of High Level Yamuna Monitoring Committee, to be headed by Delhi Lt Governor V.K. Saxena.

The NGT, in its order dated February 16 on “Compliance of Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 & Other Environmental Issues” and “Monitoring of Compliance of Waste in terms of orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated September 2, 2014 & February 22, 2017”, observed, “we are of the view that in the given situation when emergent situation remains untackled after monitoring at the level of Hon’ble Supreme Court for 18 years and at the level of this Tribunal for the last nine years, monitoring should now be at the highest level of Administration in Delhi with inclusion of all other concerned authorities – including Delhi Government, Municipal Corporation, DDA with strong monitoring mechanism envisaging weekly review with defined targets and accountability on the pattern of Yamuna monitoring Committee”.

It said that accordingly it is setting up the Solid Waste Monitoring Committee to be headed by the Lt Governor of Delhi. Other members will be Delhi Chief Secretary, who will act as Convener, the state Urban Development, Forest and Environment, Agriculture, and Finance Secretaries, the DDA Vice Chairman, the Union Agriculture Secretary or his nominee, DG Forest or his nominee (not below the rank of DDG), Union Urban Development Secretary, or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Secretary, Union Environment Secretary, or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Secretary, the CPCB Chairman, the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Delhi and jurisdictional District Magistrates and DCPs.

On the Committee’s terms of reference, powers and mandate of the Committee, the NGT said that it will deal with all issues relating to solid waste management, including setting up of new waste processing facilities, augmenting existing waste processing facilities and remediation of legacy waste sites, and may coordinate with all other departments, to the extent necessary.

The NGT said that the Committee “may meet physically within one week and take stock of the situation with regard to the directions of the Tribunal, extent of compliance, extent of non-compliance, proposed remedial action for compliance of law, updated plan for compliance of directions, sources of funding, utilisation of ring-fenced environment compensation and more as per need, accountability for past failures, methodology for execution of the projects, timelines consistent with the spirit of orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and this Tribunal”.

On funding and manpower requirements, the NGT said: “The Committee may consider opening separate dedicated account (including ring-fenced account), hire dedicated subject matter experts, coordinate with and take on board existing departments, agencies and stake holders, civil society, including voluntary organisations. LG and CS may incur such expenditure as required for organizing awareness campaigns. It may also set up its website and place its proceedings on the said website for information of all concerned and also to enable public participationa. The Committee will also be free to interact with Corporates interested in their duty to the society and not merely in commercial interest.”

The NGT has also laid down in detail the modus operandi to be followed by the Committee in terms of executing its orders, fixing responsibility of officers for non-compliance of the orders, penal consequences against violations.

It has asked the Committee to compile data of solid waste remediated as on March 31, 2023 and thereafter, prepare graphs on quarterly basis with goal of substantial reduction of legacy waste and the gap in current processing by July 1, 2023.

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