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Hubballi: The State government should immediately call for tenders and begin work to utilize the water of the Mahadayi river through the Kalasa Banduri project, otherwise a PIL will be filed in the Supreme Court, warned Viresh Sobaradamatha, state president of the Riatha Sena.

Sobaradamatha, who is also in the forefront of the agitation for Kalasa Banduri, stated on Tuesday February 14 that the Goa government had submitted a petition to hinder the project for drinking water. But, the Supreme Court had rejected it.

“The Goa government does not have complete knowledge of law. They don’t have necessity for water. We (Karnataka) have the necessity but they are not letting us utilize the water. It is not tenable to defy the tribunal order. This is unwise. A writ petition will also be filed against Goa for repeated hindrance,” he said.

He stated that the political parties have used the struggle for Mahadayi water for political gain. No single party or organization had agitated for Mahadayi water. This is a people’s movement.

Thousands of crores of rupees have come for the project. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has assured that the project would commence in two months. He should keep his word. The tender process should be completed by March 10 and the work commenced, he said.

Goa, Maharashtra and the Central government will have to give their consent soon to begin work. The state government has to work towards it, he demanded.

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