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Dharawad: As many as 10 autorickshaws were seized by the Hubballi North Traffic Police for ferrying more students than the restricted number of passengers to private schools.

Even though an auto has space for three people to travel, a few auto drivers were busy dropping and bringing in more than 10 students to school. In this context, the Traffic Police have warned auto drivers a lot of times not to violate traffic rules in this manner, but some auto drivers have not been listening and violating the rules.

The Police from Hubballi’s North Traffic Police Station, who had come to the field on Tuesday February 14,, seized more than 10 autos that had come to drop students to private schools in Vidya Nagara, Gokul Road and Deshpande Nagara.

It’s not just the auto drivers’ fault. There are parents who send their children in autos thus playing with their children’s lives in order to save money, public alleged.

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