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Nephrotic Syndrome is a common kidney disease amongst children aged between 1-10 years. Due to lack of awareness among parents and society, it is often misdiagnosed and also diagnosed late, while the disease silently progresses.

By Dr Saumil Gaur

7-year-old Arjun Maheshwari (name changed)  was waking up with mild swelling and heaviness in both upper eyelids for 3 months. The intensity of symptoms varied every day. The parents assumed it was an eye allergy and met an eye specialist who found the eyes to be normal. Meanwhile, the child gained 4kgs in 3 months, which the parents attributed to eating well and poor physical activities. A physician advised a urine test, which detected excessive protein in urine, diagnosing nephrotic syndrome and then was referred to Nephrotic clinic.

The Nephrotic Clinic in Department of Paediatric Nephrology at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli, detects approximately 10 children with nephrotic syndrome every week. Almost all children are brought after 10-15 days of onset of symptoms, leading to excess accumulation of water in the child’s body spreading to hands, legs, abdomen and finally lungs, thereby causing harm. Such children are subsequently admitted and treated with medicines and injections and water is removed. Very rarely, children in advanced condition may require dialysis for water removal. It is very important to spread awareness about Nephrotic Syndrome to ensure early detection and rapid treatment.

Symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome:

Early morning swelling of both eyelids for 2-3 consecutive days

Rapid weight gain (1-2 Kg gain in few days)

Sudden swelling of legs, hands and belly over few days

A dedicated Nephrotic Clinic for children is an important asset for hospitals and the society. The clinic ensures early recognition, appropriate diagnosis, coordinated contemporary treatment at par with world standards, minimizes complications of nephrotic syndrome, provides psychological support to child/family, enables early identification of complications and treatment with holistic care.

The Nephrotic Clinic at Rainbow Children’s Hospital is a first-time pioneering facility in the state of Karnataka, headed by me. Along with my team, I handle all forms of Nephrotic Syndrome in a comprehensive manner. The Clinic has enrolled over 400 children with Nephrotic Syndrome in the last few years and tackled around 200 complicated cases. Children not just from Bengaluru and neighbouring districts, but even across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana regularly visit the clinic are referred and benefitted. Every child gets contemporary treatment at par with global standards including all standard treatment medications and kidney biopsy if required.

Take home message –

Never neglect swollen eyelids.

Report early to Paediatric Nephrologist for treatment.

Dr Saumil Gaur
Senior Paediatric Nephrologist
Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli

This article was created by TNM Brand Studio in association with Rainbow Children Hospital.

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