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Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday laid the foundation stone for projects worth Rs 4400 crore here.

These projects encompass various sectors such as Urban Development, Water Supply, Road and Transport, and Mines and Minerals.

He also inaugurated PMAY (rural and urban) projects worth around Rs 1950 crore, marking a significant milestone in housing development.

During the programme, Prime Minister Modi interacted with beneficiaries via video link and handed over keys to around 19,000 houses constructed under the PMAY scheme.

Highlighting the unique features of the PMAY initiative, he said, “The houses being constructed under PMAY are a package of many schemes. Every house has a toilet under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, electricity connection under Saubhagya scheme, free LPG connection under Ujjwala scheme, and piped water under JJM.”

He also underscored that the beneficiaries enjoy additional benefits such as free medical treatment and free ration, providing a comprehensive safety net for the poor.

The PM commended the empowerment of women under PMAY, emphasizing that 70 per cent of the houses have been registered in the name of women. He highlighted that the cost of constructing these houses, which amounts to several lakhs, has transformed crores of women beneficiaries into millionaires, enabling them to own property for the first time.

Furthermore, PM Modi discussed the government’s focus on future challenges and urbanization. He highlighted the utilization of modern technology to construct affordable and safe houses, citing the success of the Light House Project in six cities. He also assured that such housing opportunities will be made available to the poor in the near future.

In addition, he addressed the issues of malpractices and fraud in the real estate sector, which had adversely affected the poor and middle-class families. The implementation of the RERA Act has provided legal security to homebuyers, ensuring the fulfillment of promised facilities. The Prime Minister also mentioned the significant budget subsidy for housing loans provided to the middle-class, benefiting thousands of families.

Speaking about urban planning, Modi underlined the equal emphasis on Ease of Living and Quality of Life. He mentioned the expansion of metro networks across the country, reducing travel time and improving connectivity.

Noting the remarkable progress, he stated, “The metro network in the country grew 600 kilometers in the last 9 years from 250 kilometers before 2014.”

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