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Mumbai: Actress Harshita Gaur, whose show ‘Jehanabad – Of Love & War‘ is gaining momentum on the streaming space, is chuffed with the kind of response the show has garnered. Harshita’s earlier show ‘Mirzapur’ commands a mind-boggling fan following courtesy the countless memes that it has given to the pop-culture.

The actress feels that while ‘Mirzapur’ brought her an unprecedented mass success, ‘Jehanabad’ has got her respect as an actress.

The actress told IANS: “In terms of premise, ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Jehanabad’ may look similar but my characters in both these shows are poles apart. While ‘Mirzapur’ brought me mass success, I’m humbled with the kind of appreciation and the respect that I have got for my work in ‘Jehanabad’. I’m grateful to have both these shows in my filmography.”

She further spoke about how she approached her character of a college girl in the webseries. For the same, Harshita tapped into her younger self to ignite her creative impulses and craft the character.

She said: “I went back in time and worked around the character as to how I behaved during my college. After the narration, I decided to drop all my guards and tap into the vulnerable side of myself as a person because that’s how college students are: naive, vulnerable and feel a lot more deeper than an older person. If something affected me, I would let it affect me in a natural way rather than me trying to erect an emotional firewall.”

‘Jehanabad – Of Love & War’ is available to stream on Sony Liv.

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