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Although he does not explicitly mention the name of a particular community, he refers to "one community" and vows to demonstrate his power to them.

Preetham Gowda, the former BJP MLA of Hassan City, has sparked controversy with remarks that are being perceived as a veiled threat directed towards a particular community that did not vote for him in the 2023 Assembly elections. Although he does not explicitly mention the name of the community, his statements refer to "one community" and suggest a demonstration of power towards them.

In a video that has surfaced, Preetham Gowda can be heard saying, "…In the last five years, we did so much work. During COVID, others were sleeping, and everyone who worked is here. One community of people who have shown us, in the coming days, we’ll show what we are. It is as true as the sun and moon...I will show them what my power is."

The Hassan City Assembly segment has traditionally been a stronghold for the Janata Dal (Secular) [JD(S)]. KH Hanumegowda secured victory for the party in 1999, and subsequently, HS Prakash of the JD(S) held the seat for three consecutive terms, having initially won as a Janata Party candidate in 1994. However, in the 2018 elections, Preetham Gowda of the BJP emerged victorious in a closely contested battle, defeating the incumbent HS Prakash.

This year's election for the Hassan City seat witnessed significant drama, as Bhavani Revanna, the wife of JD(S) leader HD Revanna, initially emerged as a leading contender for the party's ticket. However, due to criticism of the JD(S) engaging in "dynastic politics," HD Kumaraswamy, a senior JD(S) leader and Bhavani Revanna's brother-in-law, announced that the ticket would be given to a party worker. As a result, Swaroop Prakash, the son of four-time MLA H S Prakash, was nominated by the JD(S).

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