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Hassan: Villagers led by various organisations staged a massive protest near the tollgate here on Monday February 6 to protest against the atrocities committed by the staff of the Shantigrama Tollgate on National Highway – 75.

The protestors gheraoed the Shantigrama Tollgate, the managers Francis and Somashekhar and alleged that they were behaving arrogantly. They complained that the staff of the toll had assaulted the public.

“For the last 10 to 15 years, there is a tollgate near Shantigrama with a distance of 14 kms from Hassan to Bangalore Road. They are also charging for the vehicles of the locals here. Farmers have to pay fees to go to the fields, transport agricultural products to the market. The toll staff are committing atrocities if they ask for a fee waiver for the locals,” they alleged.

The protestors alleged that the Local Police would also stand behind the tollplaza.

“As per NHAI rules, locals and farmers should be exempted from paying road toll. As per the orders of the Central Government, at a distance of 60 kms there should be a tollgate. However, on the Bangalore Road, there is one toll gate for 47 kms between Shantigrama – Hirisave and one more tollgate for 17 kms between Hirisave – Bellur Cross. These should be cleared and a tollgate should be constructed for a distance of 60 kms. Each toll gate should have toilets, drinking water, and an ambulance service. A service road should be constructed,” they demanded.

The protesters also demanded that Kannadigas and locals should be given jobs at the tollgate.

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