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Hassan: The people of Karnataka are curious whether the JD (S) will win 123 seats or not, as Former Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy has been saying in the Assembly elections this time. But everyone is curious whether Bhavani Revanna will get a JD (S) ticket for Hassan Assembly Constituency.

Kumaraswamy and H. D. Revanna met at The Taj West End in Bengaluru on Saturday February 4. According to the sources, the discussion between the brothers was on the issue of giving a ticket to Bhavani for the Assembly elections. After that, Revanna came to Formed Prime Minister Deve Gowda’s residence in Padmanabhanagar, named ‘Amogha’, held discussions for about an hour and left for Holenarasipura in Hassan just before 12.00 pm.

There is no certainty to say that these talks have gone on like this. However, as Deve Gowda’s family, Bhavani and those who know Revanna are saying, Bhavani should be given a ticket in Hassan this time. If Swaroop is given a ticket, the JD (S) will not win that seat. Not only that, the JD (S) position will become very difficult in many constituencies.

Further, sources said that it is not surprising that the JD (S) itself has a question of existence.

In the meantime, Revanna has been performing pooja at Kukke Subrahmanya on the last two Tuesdays. Before that Bhavani went to Tirupati. The overall gist is that all these clues point to Bhavani Revanna’s hardwork for the ticket. But even before that Bhavani said at an event that she was sure of getting a JD (S) ticket, there were talks within the family about the ticket. After that, Bhavani left for Tirupati as a crucial one, while Revanna performed pooja at Kukke Subrahmanya on Tuesday (two weeks in a row).

Bhavani has been in active politics in the JD (S) since 1998 and has been working in Hassan Constituency. In fact, she is much more adept in politics than Anita Kumaraswamy and knows the responsibility and power of an MLA very well. The husband and wife (Revanna-Bhavani) do not take a step away from Hassan.

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