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Bengaluru: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy expressed profound sadness and frustration upon reading a distressing report of farmer deaths. In a series of tweets Swamy said his eyes welled up with tears as he questioned how much longer such tragic deaths could be endured. He also raised pointed questions about the Congress government, accusing them of being more focused on publicity and power than the welfare of farmers.

Kumaraswamy, through a series of posts on social media, called out the Congress government’s inability to safeguard the lives of farmers, despite their claims of providing guarantees. He questioned if this was the so-called ‘Karnataka Model’ and whether the state’s agriculture department was functioning as it should or akin to a “slaughterhouse.”

The former Chief Minister expressed deep concern about crop destruction due to insufficient rainfall in August and September. He criticized the government for delaying necessary actions under the pretext of guidelines and emphasized that abstaining from life was no different from death itself. He urged for the immediate release of funds from DC s accounts and highlighted the lack of confidence in crop insurance among farmers.

Kumaraswamy voiced his dismay at the authorities’ tendency to categorize farmer deaths as deserving or undeserving, likening it to cruelty even in death. He questioned if farmer lives were so easily dismissed by those in power.

In a heartfelt appeal, Kumaraswamy called on farmers not to lose hope and warned against rash decisions that could orphan their families. He urged the government to provide humanitarian assistance to the families of farmers who had tragically lost their lives and stressed the importance of swift action. Kumaraswamy recalled the challenging situation in Karnataka, marked by severe drought, unauthorized power cuts, and the ongoing crisis surrounding the Cauvery river. He underscored the need for solidarity with both farmers and taxpayers who had been neglected during these trying times.

Acknowledging defeat, Kumaraswamy emphasized that it wasn’t the end and called on party members to join him in the struggle for the survival and success of the party. He encouraged everyone to work tirelessly and attend meetings without fail, as together they would take firm steps forward.

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