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Dharawad: Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah said that the BJP has created an atmosphere of fear in the country. This election people should defeat the communalists. He further said, “I don’t know if I will get a ticket or not. If BJP comes back to power, communalism will start and the country will be destroyed”.

Speaking to mediapersons in the City, he said, those who are supposed to protect the country are also destroying it by making provocative statements. Amit Shah talks about Tipu and Abbakka, Savarkar instead of talking about people’s problems. No religion accepts violence,” he said.

“The BJP is dividing the society and creating unrest. Those who have reformed the society should be respected by all. They talk about the love of the country and but in reality they hate it. They should not be in power. It doesn’t matter what happened to me, it’s up to the country and society to decide,” he said.

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