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Islamabad: Ten people were killed and ten others injured when an avalanche hit a convoy of nomads in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) region, an official confirmed.

Scores of people were feared to be trapped under the debris and the rescue teams were trying to recover them despite challenges posed by bad weather and poor road infrastructure in the far-flung area of Astore district where the incident happened, Chief Secretary of G.B. Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani said.

He said the nomads were reaching Astore from Pakistan-controlled Kashmir with their cattle to find grazing fields, Xinhua news agency reported.

Every year from May to June, thousands of nomads migrate to the region from different areas as the weather is pleasant and they can find ample food for the cattle and move back before the beginning of snowfall season in October, the official added.

The injured people including women and children had been shifted to a nearby hospital, with several of them in critical condition, he said.

The avalanche was triggered by heavy rains lashing the area for the past three days, the chief secretary said.

In a statement, Chief Minister of GB Khalid Khurshid Khan expressed sorrow over the incident and directed the teams to speed up the rescue operation.

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