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Sudhakar alleged that Siddaramaiah promised he would not allow the Kumaraswamy-led coalition govt to continue even for a single day after the Lok Sabha polls.

Former Karnataka Minister K Sudhakar (who had left the Congress in 2019 and joined the BJP) has alleged that Siddaramaiah would often express helplessness during the JDS-Congress coalition government in 2018. Sudhakar claimed that Siddaramaiah would express helplessness when MLAs approached him with their concerns, saying he had no influence in the government and that his own constituency and district works were also stalled. 

Sudhakar further alleged that Siddaramaiah assured the MLAs to wait until the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and promised that he would not allow the HD Kumaraswamy-led coalition government to continue even for a single day after the polls.

These allegations have emerged as Siddaramaiah is actively vying for the Chief Minister's post following his party's resounding victory in the Karnataka Assembly elections. Sudhakar took to Twitter on Wednesday to make these claims. Sudhakar now seems to be claiming that his decision to quit the party and contest bypolls in order was to safeguard their constituents and supporters. However, it was widely reported then that several legislators from the Congress and JD(S) jumped ship in return for ministerial berths and other perks.

“During the JDS-Cong coalition govt in 2018, whenever MLAs went to the then Coordination Committe Chairman Shri Siddaramaiah with their concerns, he used to express his helplessness and say that he has no say in the govt and his constituency/district works itself are stalled.

“Further, Shri Siddaramaiah used to assure MLAs to wait till 2019 Lok Sabha polls and come what may he won't allow Shri HD Kumaraswamy led coalition govt to continue even for a single day after Lok Sabha polls.” Sudhakar wrote in a series of tweets.

“Ultimately some of us had to inevitably quit Congress and go back to the people in bypolls, to protect the karyakartas and supporters in our constituencies. Can Shri Siddaramaiah deny the fact that he had no role, implicitly or explicitly, in this move by Congress MLAs?” he further added.

The timing of Sudhakar's allegations adds to the ongoing discussions and power struggles within the Congress party regarding the leadership of the state government. Siddaramaiah's desire to assume the Chief Minister's role has been met with contestation from other party members, including DK Shivakumar, as they engage in negotiations and deliberations to determine the future direction of the party.

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