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Film: Kabzaa (Kannada)

Rating: 2 Stars

Review by: Aldrin Vaz

Upendra starrer Kabzaa film which was in the making for a long time is an overall disappointment not only for the general audience but even for Upendra fans. This action film tries to follow the path of KGF film but fails miserably. Though the cinematography and production values are good, everything else is below average including Upendra’s performance.

The film starts with Kiccha Sudeep’s cameo who then narrates the whole story with his wonderful hard hitting voice. This lifts the film to an extent but due to poor script and roller coaster screenplay the film suffers. Too many characters are introduced in the first half but the film never takes off. Upendra totally looks out of place till the interval. Even his love angle with Shirya Saran and mother sentiment looks forced.

The real Kabzaa starts only in the second half. In the gangster avatar Upendra looks good and gives a power-packed performance for a brief period. Then the film goes down again with a poor climax and ends with Kabzaa 2 announcement with Shivarajkumar.

Shirya Saran is good in a small role, Kiccha Sudeep doesn’t have much to do in his cameo role. Though this is a brutal action film the action sequences are a big letdown. They just go on and on and the audience gets bored after a while. The shoddy VFX also doesn’t help to create any impact either. Another minus point is that the film doesn’t have a single hit song. The item song too fails to impress and Upendra’s dance made it look comical. The background music by KGF fame Ravi Basrur also lacks punch and doesn’t lift the action sequences.

 A lighter version of KGF disappoints big time

Director R Chandru has put a lot of effort into making this film on a large scale but misses on important things like script, songs, screenplay, background music, VFX & editing department. Kabzaa looks like a hurriedly made film just to cash in on KGF film’s success.

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