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Kalaburagi: Leader of the Opposition in Karnataka Assembly and former chief minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday attacked ruling BJP in the state, alleging that the highest number of Hindus were killed during the tenure of saffron party.

“During our tenure not only Hindus, but minorities were also killed. They are all killed for different reasons. The murders of Hindus during Congress was due to RSS and BJP,” he said.

When Paresh Mesta was suspiciously dead, BJP leaders created huge ruckus. The case was handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). What happened later? Siddaramaiah questioned. The CBI report stated that Paresh Mesta died accidentally.

“BJP National General Secretary C.T. Ravi is a man of lies. His job is to spread lies. I am a Hindu. I have not spoken about Hindu religion and I have also not opposed it. It is not good to bring provocation to violence under the framework of religion. The BJP’s goal is to spoil the harmony,” he maintained.

Reacting to C.T. Ravi’s jibe that Congress can only win 150 seats if it contests from Pakistan, Siddaramaiah questioned whether Karnataka is in Pakistan? Or in India? The elections are taking place in Karnataka or Pakistan? Why do you indulge in silly talks?

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