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Kalaburagi: The ‘Kalaburagi International Film Festival’ will be held on February 25 and 26 in association with Manomaya Productions and Rangayana, according to Mahipalareddy Munnoor and Vaibhav Keskar, organisers of the film festival.

The film festival, to be held at Rangayana Auditorium in Kalaburagi, is celebrating its sixth year this year and was held on March 25, 2022 last year. The unprecedented success of the festival and the cooperation of the metropolitan public and the media hs been an encouragement. Due to this success, a two-day International Film Festival is being organised this time.

As many as 54 films from eight States participated in the first film festival, 272 in the second festival, 220 in the third year, 240 in the fourth film festival and 282 films in the fifth year of the film festival.

Veteran Film Director B. Sudhakaran, who has directed more than 60 films, Ramamurthy, Veteran Actress Chitkala Biradar, Theatre Veteran Actor, and Director Yashwanth Deshpande, Director Rupa Rao, Hyderabad’s Ramanaidu, Film School Professor Rajkumar Roy, Senior Director Dinesh Babu, Actor Rakesh Adiga, Telugu Actress Priyansha Dubey, Telugu Actor Farooq Khan, Producers Trivikram Joshi, Actor Ramachari Joshi and others were present.

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