Kangana on Twitter conundrum: Have Aadhar, get blue tick: | {Azad Times}
Kangana on Twitter conundrum: Have Aadhar, get blue tick: | {Azad Times}

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December 2022

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Kangana on Twitter conundrum: Have Aadhar, get blue tick:

Kangana on Twitter conundrum Have Aadhar get blue tick
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Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut may have been banished from the micro-blogging site Twitter for her extreme reactions, but she recently heaped praise on the platform for being “ideologically motivated”.

Kangana Ranaut also criticised the verification process of the platform and furnished a simple suggestion — verify everyone who has an Indian Aadhaar card.

On Sunday, the controversial actress took to the story section of her Instagram and shared a long note praising Twitter.

She wrote: “Twitter is the best social media platform that is there right now. It is intellectually and ideologically motivated is not about looks or lifestyle. I could never understand the idea of verification that some selected few get, as if others don’t have an authentic existence. For example, I will get verified but if my father wants a blue tick then 3-4 clowns will dismiss his very identity as if he is living some illegal life.”

Then came a solution from her arsenal to the $8 and verification conundrum: “Everyone who has an Aadhar card must get varied simple as that.”

Kangana Ranaut seems to be in favour of “paying a certain amount” to Twitter, which in her opinion will help in maintaining the integrity of the platform.

She went onto state: “Also paying a certain amount to maintain a Twitter account will only help it build its integrity, there are no free lunches in this world, have you ever thought all these platforms that you access freely how do they sustain themselves?”

She added: “They don’t just sell data, they make you a part of them, influence you and then sell you (your voice/consciousness) every single minute of the day, and that’s why there is no free will is such platforms, so it’s not a bad idea to try to build a self-sustaining SM (social media) platform … It is easy to arm-twist a bankrupt company even if it intends to hold a high-value system sooner or later it will have a price tag.”

Kangana’s shift in attitude towards the micro-blogging site clearly is because of the change in leadership after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. Kangana Ranaut, of course, had nothing to say about Musk’s move to fire 50 per cent of Twitter’s employees globally, which has affected people working in the site’s Indian operations as well.


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