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Bangalore: Kannada actress Prema took a ramp walk with cancer survivors to spread the message of courage and positivity about beating the dreaded and stigmatised disease in Bengaluru on the occasion of National Cancer Survivors’ Day.

Prema walked the ramp with 15 cancer survivors of all age groups to convey the message of hope that cancer is curable.

The event was organised by Manipal Hospitals.

The celebrity also joined the cancer survivors, their caretakers and their respective doctors on the stage to felicitate them on their brave journey in the fight against cancer.

Prema said, “I would like to thank Manipal Hospitals for giving me this opportunity to spend time with the 15 cancer warriors. Battling cancer requires immense strength, both mental and physical. Their stories, filled with resilience and determination, serve as powerful motivators for others fighting against cancer.”

The event began with a special ramp walk by cancer survivors along with their caretakers. The ramp walk began with a three-year-old boy who was the youngest cancer survivor and concluded with 102-years-old Nanjundaswamy.

There were 14 cancer survivors at the event, including Lakshmikant (52), Amudha (42), Suguna (50), Rajkumar (67), Dayananda (44), Irfan (19), Sandhya (45), S. Mahesh (60), Susan (67), Bhaskara (44), H.N. Krishnamurthy (75), Nanjundaswamy (102), Yogita (29), Vishal (27) and Rishab (name changed) (3), who spread the word of hope to those battling cancer.

Karthik Rajagopal, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Manipal Hospitals, said, “At Manipal Hospitals we have always prioritised maintaining quality care and treatment of patients using advanced technologies. Sensing the potential of immunotherapy much before others, we became the first hospital in India to use this line of treatment for cancer patients.”

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