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Like ‘Kashmir Files', the documentary on Modi too should be exhibited across the country, said the KPCC spokesperson M Lakshman.

Karnataka Congress stated on January 31 that it will screen the BBC documentary India: The Modi Question in the premises of its office in Mysuru city. Speaking to the media, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) spokesperson M Lakshman stated,

"BBC has thrown light on the truth. BJP leaders themselves have been beating their chests that Modi had given directions to kill Muslims." The BBC will work without being influenced by anyone, he added. "Like Kashmir Files, this documentary too should be exhibited all over the country. I request people of the country to watch the documentary. One should watch the documentary and learn about the dark face of PM Modi," he said.

BBC’s two-part documentary on Modi discussed the Gujarat riots of 2002 and stated Modi’s complicity in the crimes.

The documentary had interviewed the UK bureaucrats who were independently probing the 2002 violence. It also interviewed the BBC journalist who had covered the riots.

The BBC declassified the UK’s 2002 report, which directly held Narendra Modi responsible for the large-scale violence.

“The Vishva Hindu Parishad and its allies acted with the support of the state Government. They could not have inflicted so much damage without the climate of impunity created by the state Government. Chief Minister Narendra Modi is directly responsible. His actions have not just been guided by a cynical assessment of political advantage. As an architect of the BJP’s Hindu nationalist agenda, which it has pursued in Gujarat since it came to power in 1995, he is a believer in the VHP’s ideological motivation,” the report said.

It also said that the 2002 violence was pre-planned. In the second episode, it discussed lynchings in the country post-2014, the harrasment of Muslims in the name of the NRC, and the north east Delhi riots of 2020. 

With inputs from IANS.

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