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Minister Priyank Kharge said that Congress will impose a ban on organisations that take the law into their hands, even if it is Bajrang Dal or RSS.

Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge, on Wednesday, May 24, said the new Congress government plans to revisit and repeal any orders including the previous government’s order on wearing of hijab in government educational institutions. The Minister said that they would consider withdrawing legislation that ran counter to the state's interests or contravened the Constitution. The Minister's statement came amidst growing calls to overturn the order of the previous government restricting girls from wearing hijabs in government schools and pre-university colleges.

"We will review the hijab order and the revision of textbooks, besides all legislation, including the anti-cow slaughter and anti-conversion laws, passed by the previous BJP government. If we find any of these laws contentious, communal or going against the social fabric or image of the state, we will consider repealing them," Priyank said.

Following the Karnataka High Court's order to uphold the state government’s order on hijab in educational institutions, an appeal was filed in the Supreme Court of India. However, the apex court delivered a split verdict on the matter. Currently, the case remains pending before a larger bench of the Supreme Court.

Priyank Kharge is the MLA of Chittapur constituency in Kalaburgi district of Karnataka. He has been inducted into Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s cabinet as a Minister, though he has not been allocated a portfolio.

“We have promised to turn Karnataka into a paradise. If peace is disturbed, we won't even consider if it is Bajrang Dal or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Whenever the law is taken into the hands, a ban will be imposed. As per the promise given in the manifesto, we will ban any organisation, including Bajrang Dal and RSS," he also said. The Congress, in its 2023 manifesto, said it would take firm and decisive action, including imposing a ban on individuals and organisations such as Bajrang Dal and PFI if they spread hatred among communities based on caste and religion. 

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