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Karwar: Education Minister B. C. Nagesh said that we all have to make efforts to bring about an unprecedented change in the field of education. The Education Policy should be changed to correct the mentally unsound society,” he urged.

Speaking after laying the foundation stone for the construction of 11 School buildings and Anganawadi buildings, Gurubhavan, MLA’s Model School, Women’s Government College and Government First Grade College jointly organised by various Gram Panchayats, District Administration, Zilla Panchayat, Public Works Department and Education Department at Maladevi Stadium here, he said that the Government has been giving a lot of emphasis on education at every stage. The British, who ruled us, had taken control of the education system. Macaulay’s attempt to turn our psyches into parasite mentalities through the education system is still there today, he said.

“This is understandable to teachers who are always with their children. But whenever it came to power, the BJP used to focus on education and now it has come forward to build a self-respecting society on a National basis,” he said.

“Swami Vivekananda had said that the job of the teacher’s education system is to take out the education within the child. Nowhere it is said that education should be filled. But we are all trying to fill in. Children should be allowed to learn freely, he said and added that by making arrangements for their learning, they should be able to bring out the power that God has given them.

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