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Karwar: Fishermen of Mudaga and Harwad areas have submitted a request to the District Administration that the local fishermen are being disturbed by the dockyard staff while they go fishing in the sea.

In the petition submitted by the fishermen to the District Administration, the fishermen go to the sea to catch fish daily and earn their living by catching fish. But for the past few days, the dockyard staff have been pushing our boats, cutting the fish nets and abusing the fishermen when they go fishing, they alleged. The complaints have been made about this in the past, they noted.

While fishing the dockyard crew silently shout and cut the net and thus the petition demanded that appropriate action should be taken in this regard as the brutality of the dockyard staff is increasing day by day. If appropriate measures are not taken in this regard, Mudaga Harwad refugee fishermen have warned that they will protest.

Deputy Commissioner Raju Mogaveera has received the request and has promised to take action after discussing the matter with the officials concerned.

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