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Karwar: Locals of Ummalejoog under Wailwada Gram Panchayat limits have demanded that the link road to the bridge constructed by the Government for the benefit of the people has been closed and appropriate action should be taken in this regard.

The people of Ummeljoog are the people who live on the land in the middle of the River. Earlier, children had to come by boat to go to school and college, or come to the City. But after a lot of demand, the Government has sanctioned Rs. 10 Crore to build the bridge. However, people are suffering due to non-construction of a link road to the bridge.

Since there was no link road, the students used to go to school for various work through the footpath of the locals’ land which is located at the end of the bridge. People used to take the same route for emergency treatment as well.

In the meantime, the owner of the land dug through a JCB in the footpath area of the bridge’s end. As a result, the only route for the people of Ummeljoog is closed.

People, and students are suffering. The villagers complained that there was no boat to go through the River as in the past. The officials of the concerned department should visit the spot and conduct an inspection, they demand.

They also demanded that a link road be constructed for the bridge for the development of the village and for the benefit of the people.

A memorandum has also been submitted to the Local Panchayat and Tahasildar in this regard.

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