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Koppal: Kalyana Rajya Pragati Party Founder and Former Minister Gali JanardhanA Reddy has appealed to the voters of Gangavathi City and the Constituency to make sure that those who are making Hindu-Muslim distinctions by cooking up political pulses will not be given any prominence.

Addressing a huge gathering of party workers at Santhebayalu-Mahboobnagara in the City, he said, “I have formed a party not just for the sake of power and have not come to the polls. After completing 12 years of exile, I came into politics with a firm resolve to serve the people,” he said.

“From the very beginning, there were no differences between the people of Gangavathi. Recently, some selfish political figures have broken the minds of the people. In the first month of coming to power in this election, I will knock down all the cases and make everyone feel easy again. He said that there is a problem of title deeds for the houses of the poor and the work will be done to provide accounts along with the title of houses to all. An international tailoring training centre will be constructed in the City at a cost of Rs. 5 Crore and arrangements will be made for all the women to work with self-respect and lead an economically secure and proud life,” he said.

He said, “Trust me and make me win, I will get 30 to 40 MLAs in the whole of North Karnataka and make the entire Government come to my Constituency. I will go to Ballari after winning here,” he said, appealing not to believe those who tell false stories.

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