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Koppal: For the first time, a wildlife photographer, Vinay Kandakura, has captured a snake belonging to a mandala (Russell’s viper) in a safe operation and left it in a secluded area. His first snake-catching operation has been appreciated.

Vinay Kandakura had once come to the Yasheen car garage next to the Brindavan Hotel for his car service. He had seen a the snake entering the hole in the mirror glass of the car. He advised the garage owner to inform him if he sees the snake again and not to kill it for any reason, and not disturb it.

The car owner, who had agreed to it without a word, suddenly saw the snake on Thursday February 2.

Despite the pressure of work he caught the snake.

The snake was easily placed in a cardboard box without disturbing it with safe tools for the protection of the mandala snake.

He then packed the box in a bag and left it near a deserted area on Hosapete Road. Vinay Kandakur succeeded in his first attempt without any fear of the very poisonous snake.

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