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Udupi: A disabled stray cow, which fell ill after suffering a severe stomach injury at Belikeri in Gangolli, has been rescued and given proper treatment for a month, thus getting cured completely.

For the past one month, the boys have been taking care of the cow, which suffered a lot due to stomach ailment and profuse bleeding.

Under the care of the boys, the cow has completely cured and is now roaming freely in the surroundings and the student’s love for the cow has been appreciated by the public.

Deepak Kharvi, a resident of Belikeri in Gangolli, provided the cow with a place to stay in his house premises. A team of boys was involved in caring for the cow by providing grass, water and food for one month. It is impossible to describe the love of the boys for the animal and the way they took care of the injured cow, said Navin Gangolli, Activist, Hindu Jagarana Vedike.

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