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Bengaluru: Pranavananda Swamiji, religious seer of Ediga community, has said that he is facing a threat to his life from the Karnataka Minister for Education, Madhu Bangarappa.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, Pranavananda said that he is getting threatening calls from the supporters of Minister Bangarappa and will file a complaint with the Police Commissioner in Bengaluru.

The seer had attacked Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for supporting Congress MLC B.K. Hariprasad.

Reacting to Pranavananda’s statement, Bangarappa alleged that he does not consider him as a seer.

The Karnataka Minister also slammed the seer saying that “he has a family, comes from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and has objectionable character”.

“Hariprasad belongs to the backward class and what’s wrong in asking for a position for him? What is the contribution of Minister Bangarappa to the community? I have not encroached the community’s land and sold them. Hariprasad also did not grab the land. The Ediga community is divided by the government. There is a conspiracy to instigate such leaders against the seers,” Pranavananda said.

The seer also asked Minister Bangarappa that who gave him the right to comment about him being a seer.

“If the Ediga community is met with injustice, Minister Bangarappa will have to take responsibility.”

“What’s your background? You have come to Congress from JD (S), we don’t know which party you will join. CM Siddaramaiah should rein in Minister Bangarappa and stop him from making these statements,” the seer added.

“We will meet the Speaker of the House and lodge a complaint against him (Minister Bangarappa). I will also take up the legal battle,” said Pranavananda.

Rastriya Ediga Mahamamdali Secretary Manche Gowda said that Minister Bangarappa has issued a laughable statement on the seer.

“Do not talk to satiate your tongue. How would you feel if the same kind of remarks are made against you? The community has agreed that Pranavananda swamiji is their seer.”

“The seer had openly spoken about his background in public events. Minister Bangarappa should first tender a public apology, otherwise a statewide protest would be launched,” Gowda added.

Reacting to Gowda’s statement, Minister Bangarappa replied that Pranavananda Swami does not belong to the Ediga community.

“Let him lodge a complaint with the Bengaluru Police Commissioner. Let him also lodge a complaint against me with the Speaker and AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge and whoever he wants to,” he said.

Hariprasad and Minister Bangarappa hail from the Ediga community.

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