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Mangaluru: As many as 39 lost/stolen mobile phones have been traced through the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) portal and handed over to the owners by the Commissioner of Police on Thursday March 16.

Speaking on the occasion, Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R. Jain said that 402 people have complained about the loss of mobile phones in the Commissionerate Limits in the last five months. “Of these, 124 mobiles have been traced and 39 mobiles have been seized and handed over to the respective owners. The total value of these is around Rs. 7 Lakh. The remaining mobiles will also be confiscated soon. The CEIR portal can be used directly by the police or those who have lost their mobile phones. This will help in locating the mobile phone and returning it to its owner,” he said.

“The CEIR portal is a new method implemented by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, to block a mobile phone in case of theft or any other way. As soon as the mobile phone is lost, a complaint should be lodged at the nearest police station or on the Karnatka State Police( KSP) app and the receipt/digital e-receipt should be obtained,” he said.

“It is mandatory to obtain a fake SIM card of the lost mobile number from a service provider (e.g. Airtel, Jio, BSNL, etc.) which was earlier serviced. You have to keep it running to get an OTP. After that, the details of the lost mobile phone should be entered on the website. The mobile phone will be blocked within 24 hours of entering the information. If a mobile phone is detected, you can log in to the eULKA portal and unblock it and use it,” he added.

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