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Mangaluru: Southern Railway Divisional Manager Trilok Kothari said it has been decided to provide three additional automatic delivery machines to Mangaluru Central Railway Station.

The Southern Railway Division currently has only one ticket delivery machine, and these additional machines will be provided in March of this year, he said.

The Railway Board has a proposal to restart the Navayuga Express train between Mangaluru Central and Vystodevi Katra.

The very much demanded Mahalaxmi Express, which was suspended between Mangaluru and Miraj while it was being broad gauged from the metre gauge, is also under the consideration of the Board, he said.

There is a very old demand for extension of trains to Central namely No.12133/34 CSMT Mumbai – Mangaluru Junction Superfast Express, 16575/76 Yeshvantpur Mangaluru Junction Gommateshwara 9 /Express and No.07377/78 Vijayapura-Mangalore Junction are in discussion stage. The additional platform at Central will be inspected to complete this process.

Responding to the demand to Madgaon trains he said, as there are no trains towards Madgaon in the evening, the No.10108 Mangaluru Central Madgaon MEMU train will run at 4.30 pm instead of 2.45 pm. It will be done only after the construction of an additional platform at Mangalore Central and an additional platform in Konkan. It can be considered once the route becomes available. Also, to facilitate this, No. 06488 Subrahmanya Road Mangaluru Train, the South Western Railway will be requested to be delayed.

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