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Mangaluru: Sri Rama Sena President Pramod Muthalik has said that he will file a complaint with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after exposing the alleged corruption cases in Karkala Constituency and collating the records of the same.

Addressing a press conference at Panchyajanya Office in Parappu, Kukkunduru, he said that the Lokayukta had already lodged a complaint with the necessary documents, exposing two cases related to corruption. “Now in the third phase, he will expose the cases of corruption and lodge a complaint with the Lokayukta along with the documents,” he said.

“At Padukatte in Kananjaru Village, the lake, which had been lying unused for many years, has been developed for drinking and other uses at a cost of Rs. 10 Lakh. The grant has been allocated for it but no work has been done there yet. It has been revealed that another Rs. 15 Lakh has been demanded for development. In total, Rs. 25 Lakh has been spent on this work but it will not be beneficial for the Village,” he said. He added that this was part of a systematic corruption and money-laundering scheme.

“There was an ancient Jaddinakatte lake in the same village which was closed and illegal mining was going on. It was run by Shariff of Theertha Village. He informed us that as a result of the relentless struggle of Divya and others, the leaders of our organisation, illegal mining has now stopped. Preparations are being made to start the mining at the instigation of vested interests, he noted.

He added that the District Administration will be directly responsible for the next two complications.

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