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Mangaluru: A news item of a dog that survived after being trapped inside a bumper of a car at Puttur in the District for about 70 kilometres had gone viral on social media.

People on social media demanded that the dog, which was separated from its puppies be reunited with them. But behind this dog there is also another story of an unbreakable relationship.

The dog used to come to the quarters belonging to the Forest Department of Balpa Deputy Range Forest Officer Santosh Rai near Sullia everyday. Santosh Rai and his daughter Saanvi used to feed. Meanwhile, Saanvi insisted her father Santhosh to bring the dog which had accidentally reached Puttur and take it with the puppies. When he enquired with his acquaintances in Puttur for the dog, he got to know that the dog was near a house in Puttur.

Santhosh Rai, who immediately went to Puttur, did not find the dog and searched for the dog across the City of Puttur. After a search, the dog was finally found.

They took the dog in a car and united it with the puppies. Saanvi is very happy to have united the dog and puppies.

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